It took me at least almost 30 years to finally live in peace with depression and anxiety. I honestly didn’t believe I would still be alive at this age. I’m relieved life started to be something I’m not angry at anymore all the time. That I can say is my greatest lesson from this year!

Besides that, it’s amazing the number of things that I’m happy to share:

  • I started a podcast called hexdevs.
  • I started working full time as a Software Developer in a cool local company.
  • Our savings rate this year was 57%. We continue to invest with WealthBar, but we also started investing with Questrade and Lending Loop.
  • I read 20 books.
  • My husband and I became permanent residents of Canada!
  • We both started eating a plant-based diet in November. Feeling better like never, I even lost some weight that I wasn’t expecting. I wake up every day with energy, don’t feel hungry all the time anymore and my body feels happy about it. It also feels great not contributing to the animal industry anymore.
  • I became a co-organizer of the Indie Hackers meetup in Vancouver.

It was an amazing year, for sure, but I want to plan for less in 2020. Fewer projects, less pressure on myself, less energy on what is not important to me. Instead, I want to focus on one thing at a time, enjoy the moment and enjoy life without anxiety and depression.

May 2020 be a good year, whatever it brings to us.

Happy 2020!