I believe that we live our everyday lives without actually reflecting on our habits and why we do things the way we always do. Have you ever wondered about that?

For example, why do we go to school for more than 10 years and are required to sit down all day and just act as we are told? Why do we keep a 40-hour week as the standard way of working even now when we use our brains more than our hands to work?

Anyway, I could go on and on here, but you get it by now. But one thing that I do want to share here is how we are blinded by those things because… it’s just the way everyone does.

For example, I lived my whole life believing that eating animal products was necessary for maintaining our health, even though I always felt bad for supporting animal cruelty. It turns out that there is enough evidence by now that not only is not necessary, but it is also harmful to us (and for the animals, and the planet).

I do not want to dig into that on this post a lot, but if you feel like you want to explore more of that, I recommend watching the Forks over Knives documentary and the Nutriction Facts youtube channel.

If you have read until here, though, I want to share some interesting things that happened to me after I changed my diet to a plant-based whole foods diet:

  • I don’t need to floss my teeth that often anymore (or none at all). Only meat gets stuck in your teeth.
  • My body got naturally more active. It’s almost as if it asks me to eat better every time and to exercise more frequently. I even started running simply because my body feels more energized now.
  • I discovered so many new vegetables! And I got more creative at cooking now. And yes, it’s so tasteful!
  • I lost a bunch of weight/fat without any effort. It’s just natural since I am eating less calorie-dense food now.
  • I am not hungry all the time anymore. I remember I would have a snack every 2 hours or so. But sometimes I even need to remind myself to eat because I don’t feel hungry as before. #FiberPower
  • Yes, my bowel movement is now more frequently because I am eating more than the recommended daily fiber intake. And yes, my body is happy with it :)
  • I feel great now knowing that I do not support animal cruelty anymore! My body feels lighter, more energized and everything works great now.

So if there is one advice I can give you with this post is… reconsider one thing that you have always done because everyone does the same. Starting with what you eat may lead to a huge difference and will make you start to wonder what else you believed that you need to change.