Hello, I’m Stefanni Brasil. Thanks for visiting my page!

About me

I struggled a lot in the past with anxiety, depression, and a lack of confidence in myself.

As a self-taught developer, these problems got worse. I used to compare myself to other seniors, feel stressed when lots of bugs were being reported.

After eating a plant-based diet since 2019, I asked myself how I could be so kind to animals and the planet, but so hard on myself.

In 2020, I started doing Therapy sessions with a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy specialist. It helped me get some headspace to recognize my cognitive distortions. At the end of the year, I was able to manage them by myself for the first time!

That’s when the new Stefanni was born.

I am now a more confident person, and I try to live by the mission of being kind to all living beings.

Current projects

I have saved enough money to cover my expenses for one and a half years, so I am not looking for job opportunities at this moment. I shared more about building my runway at the Spark your Runway with FIRE guide.

It was an old dream of mine to join the 30x500 Academy. I’m now learning how to build online profitable businesses. I want to have more flexibility and feel like my work is helping people.

I’m also the co-host of the hexdevs podcast, where Thiago Araujo and I talk about interesting topics related to Software. I record a series called Dev to Founder. There, I share my progress of going from dev to founder. Episodes are released every 2 weeks.

On the creative side, I am learning digital lettering and illustration with Procreate.

I also have a newsletter about plant-based diet.

Get in touch

If you have something interesting to share or discuss any of these topics, send me an email at stefanni at hexdevs dot com.