Hello, I’m Stefanni. Thanks for visiting my blog!

To give you a brief context about me, I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve been living in Vancouver, BC since 2018. I’m a Software Developer currently working at Lendesk, in Vancouver.

Professionally speaking, my interests are getting better at TDD, Pair Programming, Refactoring and AWS/Cloud infrastructure.

I am also one of the hosts of the hexdevs podcast, where we interview amazing people working in the tech industry to help you become a better developer. Make sure to check it out!

Fun things about me that I want to share:

  • I plan to be financially independent before 2030.
  • I started eating a plant based diet since the end of 2019.
  • I have 2 cats, Data and Bob.
  • I started running in 2020. Hoping to run a 10k race soon!
  • I want to become a mentor and help other people grow in their careers.

Feel free to reach out at stefanni at hexdevs dot com for any questios. Cheers!